The Cast Shell Sound

It's all about fabulous drums with a fabulous


The Cast Aluminium Sound


The most recorded snare drum in history is reputed to be an American made, aluminium alloy shelled 14x5" drum which has been around in one form or another for decades. Here at Provenance, we used the sound of that basic drum and have succeeded in giving you more of everything that makes that old drum work in so many situations.


The Provenance drums have easily tamed resonance and plenty of sonic headroom for maximum volume, but they will also go down to a barely audible whisper if required. Indeed, in trials our beta-testers reported that the prototypes and the finished drums make perfect instruments for brush work as the dynamic range is so huge.


The drums are sensitive right up to the edge of the heads and with the shell being cast, the rim shots and cross sticks are loud and full.


Whether for orchestral work, jazz, rock or metal, Provenance cast snares will give you more headroom and clarity than anything else out there. Plus you get a drum which has a totally unique history.


Here at Provenance, we don't put the history above the sound, or the sound above the history - Provenance drums have to work on both levels. We reserve the right to say 'no' if we aren't happy with the concept or the finished product.




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