Provenance Drums - Remaking History

Provenance Snare Drums


Imagine playing a drum that has already flown at supersonic speeds on the edge of space, driven around the Le Mans racetrack, or sailed on thousands of miles of the World’s oceans.


Provenance have taken high speed, high performance machines or objects that have reached the end of their working life and remade them into the ultimate modern, yet at the same time historical, snare drums.


Provenance does not use new 'off the shelf' materials for its drum shells, preferring to use high grade alloys and quality timbers that have already fulfilled a specific and unique role in history. Materials from items with iconic, classic or modern design.


Each drum is unique, bespoke and modelled on proven classic drum designs. They are all hand made and hand finished in England.

There is only one snare that promises Provenance.


This is Provenance Drums.


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